What I expect to see in Microsoft's E3 2013 keynote

  • Pricing and availability. Pricing is rumored to be anywhere from $299 to $499 - expect a "subscription" only version that will feature a lower upfront cost, but require a monthly subscription to Xbox Live Gold. And as far as availability - expect "later this year" which code for "Fall/in time for Christmas".
  • Games, games, games, games, games, games and more games. Microsoft flubbed it with the last keynote by not really appealing to core gamers. I fully expect Microsoft to right the ship today. 
  • I'm hoping they'll provide more details on the pricing structure surrounding the used games as well as licensing to hopefully clear up some of the confusion.  
  • I expect some hints or outright announcement about a new revamped Xbox 360.
  • There have been rumors of a "set top box" version of the Xbox that's meant only for media streaming (à la Roku) but it's not expected to be launched until next year. 
by Ben Pike