Humanity Is Like An Ocean

I was reading about the upcoming album from one of my favorite newer bands, Being As An Ocean, and I was curious about the meaning of their name so I looked it up and came across this gem so I thought I'd share:

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Growing up in the underground music scene it's easy to find a lot of negativity floating around and I've come to the conclusion that angry music is part the lowest common denominator in art. Anger is very much part of the human experience and can even be healthy at times, but I also feel it takes a true artist to take a situation where some would react with anger and turn it into a situation of introspection and vulnerability. That's probably part of the reason I found myself becoming more drawn to bands from that scene like Being As An Ocean, .hopesfall., The Chariot, The '68, Thrice, Beloved, mewithoutYou, etc... who take life's trials and triumphs and provide insightful, vulnerable, and introspective lyrics instead of outright anger.

by Ben Pike

Turn The Page

It was surreal looking at that empty apartment for the last time. A place I have five years worth of emotions and memories attached to... but I was overdue for a change. One thing I've learned about myself over the last year or so is that I am a creature of habit - to a fault. To the point where sometimes it holds me back. I rarely try things that truly put me out of my "comfort zone" or things that could potentially be uncomfortable and force me to deal with the consequences of not being totally in control which in reality help me to grow. The initial reason for moving out wasn't monetary. It was for the simple fact that SOMETHING had to change. I was stuck and sometimes when you're stuck you have to make a big shift and shake things up - so I did. And now I am really excited to move on to the next chapter.


So if you too struggle with your habits holding you back - take my advice and take a chance. Do something out of the ordinary. Don't let you hold yourself back because you're too afraid of being uncomfortable. Besides what's the worst that could happen?

by Ben Pike

2013 In Retrospect

2013 was a year of learning and re-learning for me. I had to re-learn who I really was because I had lied to myself for so long that I had forgotten. I had compromised so much of who I was to be something I could never be. That’s a mistake you, hopefully, only make once in your life. I had to be broken down to my lowest point so that I could be rebuilt on a stronger foundation. My original foundation was so flawed and fake it couldn't withstand the burden that was put upon it. But I’m a lucky guy - I learned really quick that my true friends and family had my back and supported me and without them I don’t know where I’d be right now.


A lot of learning came from learning not to be bitter and angry, but to be thankful. Strangely enough I've realized I am very thankful for 2013 even if it was one of the toughest years in a long time. If it weren't for 2013 I never would have figured out how far I had wandered from the path that was chosen for me. Which depending on what you believe and how you look at it - it was actually planned that way from the beginning. Oddly enough - I find comfort in that.

I’m looking forward to where this path takes me in the next 12 months - knowing that I can face it with a renewed focus, stronger foundation, and support from friends and family.

by Ben Pike

These Are Not Album Reviews

These are not album reviewsThese are, however, some of my favorite albums from the last year. I've made no secret of the fact that the last 12 months were particularly shitty, but thanks to support from family and friends - my life is now pretty awesome. You could say these albums were the soundtrack to my life on the road to being “okay” again. Hopefully if you’re going through something you'll find some solace in them as well... even if you aren’t - they are great albums in their own right.

by Ben Pike


It’s always fascinated me how we associate certain songs, albums, and even bands to specific memories and moments in our life.

Now that the weather is starting to turn colder I find myself drifting back to albums that I have always associate with colder weather. I suspect these albums have that effect thanks to several factors:

  1. They were during my very impressionable years on my musical taste (14-19)

  2. They happened to be what I was listening to when I turned 16 and started to get my first glimpse of independence away from home.

  3. Since my Birthday is in September - it’s around that time the weather starts to change and turn colder.

  4. They’re timeless classics in their respective genre’s.

Here are some albums that I will always associate with colder weather:

(hed) P.E. - “Broke 

311 - "311 (Blue album)

Extol - “Undeceived

Static-X - “Wisconsin Death Trip

Linkin Park - “Hybrid Theory

Hopesfall - “The Frailty of Words

What albums make up your “cooler weather” playlist?


by Ben Pike