It’s always fascinated me how we associate certain songs, albums, and even bands to specific memories and moments in our life.

Now that the weather is starting to turn colder I find myself drifting back to albums that I have always associate with colder weather. I suspect these albums have that effect thanks to several factors:

  1. They were during my very impressionable years on my musical taste (14-19)

  2. They happened to be what I was listening to when I turned 16 and started to get my first glimpse of independence away from home.

  3. Since my Birthday is in September - it’s around that time the weather starts to change and turn colder.

  4. They’re timeless classics in their respective genre’s.

Here are some albums that I will always associate with colder weather:

(hed) P.E. - “Broke 

311 - "311 (Blue album)

Extol - “Undeceived

Static-X - “Wisconsin Death Trip

Linkin Park - “Hybrid Theory

Hopesfall - “The Frailty of Words

What albums make up your “cooler weather” playlist?


by Ben Pike