2013 In Retrospect

2013 was a year of learning and re-learning for me. I had to re-learn who I really was because I had lied to myself for so long that I had forgotten. I had compromised so much of who I was to be something I could never be. That’s a mistake you, hopefully, only make once in your life. I had to be broken down to my lowest point so that I could be rebuilt on a stronger foundation. My original foundation was so flawed and fake it couldn't withstand the burden that was put upon it. But I’m a lucky guy - I learned really quick that my true friends and family had my back and supported me and without them I don’t know where I’d be right now.


A lot of learning came from learning not to be bitter and angry, but to be thankful. Strangely enough I've realized I am very thankful for 2013 even if it was one of the toughest years in a long time. If it weren't for 2013 I never would have figured out how far I had wandered from the path that was chosen for me. Which depending on what you believe and how you look at it - it was actually planned that way from the beginning. Oddly enough - I find comfort in that.

I’m looking forward to where this path takes me in the next 12 months - knowing that I can face it with a renewed focus, stronger foundation, and support from friends and family.

by Ben Pike