Turn The Page

It was surreal looking at that empty apartment for the last time. A place I have five years worth of emotions and memories attached to... but I was overdue for a change. One thing I've learned about myself over the last year or so is that I am a creature of habit - to a fault. To the point where sometimes it holds me back. I rarely try things that truly put me out of my "comfort zone" or things that could potentially be uncomfortable and force me to deal with the consequences of not being totally in control which in reality help me to grow. The initial reason for moving out wasn't monetary. It was for the simple fact that SOMETHING had to change. I was stuck and sometimes when you're stuck you have to make a big shift and shake things up - so I did. And now I am really excited to move on to the next chapter.


So if you too struggle with your habits holding you back - take my advice and take a chance. Do something out of the ordinary. Don't let you hold yourself back because you're too afraid of being uncomfortable. Besides what's the worst that could happen?

by Ben Pike