BrightKite Alpha For BlackBerry Now Available [CrackBerry]

via blogs by Adam Zeis on 5/20/09


You either know it or you don't, but BrightKite is one of those networks that some people have ignored and its avid users swear by. For those that have not yet heard of it, BrightKite is a location based social network that connects you with friends in real time. We got word from forums member captcrackberry that an alpha verison of a new BrightKite app has been released. The application lets you easily check in, view mentions, post notes, comments and more. Currently only in alpha 0.1.2, the developers assure that more features are in store soon. You can check out BrightKite Alpha for BlackBerry at or head to on your device to download OTA.'s feed sponsored by BrightKite Alpha For BlackBerry Now Available

by Ben Pike