Verizon Wireless CFO Laughs Off Prepaid Pricing Possibilities

Though a lot of their wireless customers last quarter came thanks to the company's prepaid plans, Verizon says they're not planning on any real response to the recent boom in unlimited, prepaid plans by MVNO competitors (it's nice they have that choice). While AT&T recently ramped up their prepaid push with a somewhat gimmicky $3 per day prepaid plan, Verizon CFO John Killian proclaimed this week that the carrier does not "feel compelled or feel it s the right strategy for us to go out with any kind of unlimited prepaid offering." Prepaid growth is explosive for now, with 80% of US subscriber growth in the last quarter. Though the real money is in postpaid customers on long term contracts -- 1 million of which Verizon added in Q1.

by Ben Pike