Yatca: A Free Twitter Client For OS 4.6+ BlackBerrys

via BerryReview.com by Ronen Halevy on 3/16/09

Josep let me know about this slick new free Twitter client for OS 4.6+ BlackBerrys. Yatca takes a RIM like approach for their Twitter client that I totally love but requires OS 4.6+ for it to work. It essentially ties itself directly into your messages application so that your Twitter notifications show up in your messages folder. It also is tied into the native profiles so you can set a different notification profile for Yatca. Oh and by the way Yatca stands for Yet Another Twitter Client Application… :) I can see quite a few people including myself loving the new integration options of this app.

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Homepage: yatca.wordpress.com
OTA install link: bit.ly/yatca101

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NOTE: This app will only work with OS 4.6+ devices. Please do not install on older devices.

by Ben Pike