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Nowadays many companies use wiki platforms (aka wikis) as a collaboration tool within their enterprise. But with so many available wikis online it can become overwhelming to choose the one that suits your needs (easy of use, free/paid, feature set etc)

WikiMatrix make the task easy and lets you compare wiki platforms in one place. You can compare wikis from the list side by side, or find a Wiki that matches your personal needs by answering few questions in the Wiki Choice Wizard. It’s free.

compare wiki

Wiki platforms side-by-side comparison

compare wiki software

If you still have questions, you can use the forums to ask questions from other users or get a professional support from a consultant in the Consultant Marketplace.


  • Find a wiki platform that suits your needs in one place, for personal or enterprise use.
  • Compare 100+ popular wiki software side by side.
  • Find the best Wiki for your needs by answering few questions in the Wiki Choice Wizard.
  • Discuss different wikis and get help from other users on the forum (sign up needed).
  • Browse professional consultants in Consultant Marketplace to help you deploy wiki for your enterprise.
  • Free and no sign up.

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