Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

via gHacks technology news by Martin on 4/13/09

internet explorer 8Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 some time ago and is starting to distribute it over their update services to users still running a previous version of the web browser. While the web browser does run fine on most computer systems it can - like any other software - cause problems on some. We covered ways to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 manually a while ago which allowed those users to restore a previous version of Internet Explorer on a computer system.

For most users this is an easy and straightforward process as Internet Explorer 8 can be removed from the programs list in the Windows Control Panel. Only Windows XP users who installed the third service pack before Internet Explorer 8 were not able to uninstall the web browser unless they would uninstall the service pack 3 before.

Microsoft has created a script to remove Internet Explorer 8 automatically from a computer system where it is installed. The script is available as part of Microsoft’s Fix It initiative which tries to provide one click solutions to common problems on the Windows platform. The file UninstallIE8.msi can be executed right from the Microsoft website or by downloading it to a local computers system and running it from there. Please note that it is generally not a good idea to remove Internet Explorer 8 unless it is causing troubles on a computer system.

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