Strongarm to Play Cornerstone as a Tribute Band

so it looks like I'm goin to Illinois in July....

via Noisecreep by Jay DiNitto on 3/18/09

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According to a Strongarm blog entry the band is scheduled to play Cornerstone Festival this July in Bushnell, IL. The seminal Florida hardcore band's first vocalist, Jason Berggren, will be the only original member performing, with recently-disbanded Life In Your Way as the backing band. Their set is being dubbed a tribute and would only consist of tracks from the 'Atonement' album, the only release on which Berggren recorded.

"I was contacted by Joshua Stump who does The Anchor Stage and asked if I would do a reunion," Berggren told Noisecreep. "I get asked this once every few months. Normally it's by fans, so I tell them i appreciate the encouragement. But Joshua wanted to take care of everything, so I said yes."

by Ben Pike