Rumored release date for the T-Mobile Shadow II

via Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein on 12/16/08

The Shadow II / Shadow 2 / Shadow 2009 / whatever else you want to call it, is quite the polarizing device. People are either sitting on the edges of their seats in anticipation of its release, or they think it’s hideous. Either way, we now have a rumored release date, giving T-Mobile customers a good idea of when their next Windows Mobile smartphone option might become available. That date: January 28th - a Wednesday. Sources weren’t cited but TmoNews seems pretty confident so we’ll just hope for the best. For a quick history lesson, we first scooped the Shadow II waaaaaay back in October of 2007 and then the first live image surfaced in April of this year. Since then nearly all of the gaps have been filled in but there are still a few mysteries - namely, will the device have a 3G radio? If the 28th of next month does indeed turn out to be an accurate release date, expect answers to come in the form of an official announcement that will likely coincide with CES next month.


by Ben Pike