Poetry Wednesday For The Week of January 10, 2010

My friends Matthew and Josh recently started a community of bloggers doing what they call “Poetry Wednesday.” The idea is simple: post your favorite poetry (yours or someone else’s) on Wednesdays. And that’s it. So here’s mine:

Decided I'd keep it simple for my 1st foray into "Poetry Wednesday."

This song has been a source of strength to me for over a decade now.

Reborn Empowered
by Living Sacrifice

Reborn empowered
All strongholds broken
Old ways have died,
Given new life
Boldness - engulfs my every word,
Strength - empowered by God
The strength in Christ's name
Power, all knees must bow
Same spirit that dwells in us,
Raised Him from the dead
This gift freely given,
You will believe
Evil, its plan to deceive,
Manipulation, deception we bind
Rebirth, confession,
That He is God, almighty
Reborn empowered
All strong holds
Broken old ways have died,
Given new life
Rebirth, confess, our Lord

by Ben Pike