New Blog Post - Daybreakers is a great allegory for our current socioeconomic situation

The plot breaks down like this: a virus has spread turning the majority of the human race into vampires. This leaves the rest to be hunted down so they can be farmed for their blood (which the vampires feed upon for sustenance). The vampires quickly realize if that if they keep up at the pace they are going - they are going to run out of humans to farm and subsequently - blood. So the vampires are struggling to find a synthetic blood alternative before they run out...

The allegory breaks down like this: The non-vampire humans that are being farmed for their blood are the working class Americans of today. The blood is the money these people earn. The vampires are the "welfare state" that is alive, well, & growing daily. Every day Americans are being bled dry, financially, to sustain someone who cannot sustain for themselves.

The "welfare state" that exists today cannot be allowed to continue. The concept that a person can earn money for doing absolutely nothing (and in some rare cases earn MORE from doing nothing) is totally absurd and needs to be stopped in order for our country to grow.

And let me be clear - there is a fine & definite line between charity and being forced to give. Simply because person A exists in this world does not make person B responsible for their well-being. You should give out of the kindness of your heart not because you have a gun held to your head.

All credit to this concept should go to Andrew Wilkow of "The Wilkow Majority" radio program.

by Ben Pike