My "Must Have" apps for Android

So you got a brand new shinny Android phone... now what?? GET APPS!

Doesn't matter what carrier you're on - most of the apps are pretty universal. Here are some of my favorites and a little blurb/description:

Advanced Task Manager - $0.99 - Enables you see current "processes running" with the ability to end them. You can also set up "exclusions" for apps you don't want ever ended, as well as set an "auto end" interval to end all running apps (that aren't excluded). This will help your new found multitasking.

Snap Photo Pro - $0.99 - A nice replacement for the default camera app. Gives some more options for picture taking and it personally improved my picture taking experience with Android. Now I know Android v2.0 might negate the use for this app but you could try the free version to try it out.

Weather Channel - Free (ad supported) - I've used MANY Android weather applications in the past year and this one is my favorite. I mainly use the "location aware" widget that sits on your screen and gives you the current temperature and forecast for your current location. It can also alert you in the event of severe weather.

Handcent SMS - Free - If you don't like the text messaging built into Android, then replace it with this one. Gives you a LOT more options for customization and the ability for pop-up notifications.

Twidroid/Twidroid Pro - Free/$5 - Absolutely positively the BEST Twitter app for Android, so far. Pro version adds support for multiple accounts, widget, and more color schemes.

Astro File Manager - Free (while in beta)  - Possibly one of the most powerful applications (that doesn't require root access) for Android. This app allows you to manage all the files and folders on your SD card. It gives you the ability to zip/unzip files, backup installed applications, share files on your SD via email, and much more.

tAttachApkInstaller - Free - Allows you to install .apk files (the installation file Android uses) right from the built in GMail application.

WiFi Analyzer - Free - This one would really only apply to the "uber-geek" users out there. It allows you to see in much more detail, than the default WiFi finder, all the WiFi access points around you.

Scoreboard - Free - An application made by Google that allows you to keep track of all your favorite sports teams. Offers LOTS of sports as well as notifications for score updates. and Pandora - Free - Stream music over the air to your device. Both have widget support.

Shop Savvy - Free (ad supported) - Gives you the ability to scan bar codes on products to get their prices online and at retailers nearest to you.

NewsRob - Free - A RSS reader that syncs with your Google Reader account - there are many others out there, but this one seems to work the best. It DOES synchronize items you read on it to your Google Reader account.

*UPDATE* - Forgot one of my favorites:

SMS Backup - Free - This application further expands Android's "cloud" experience by syncronizing your sent & recieved text messages up to your GMail account. A feature I've wanted on ANY platform for years...  ***Note*** - Apparently this does not work on the Motorola Droid
by Ben Pike