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New BlackBerry App World Features To Enable App Storage On SD Cards?!?

As we posted yesterday, RIM launched some new developer tools in the past few days. Digging through the documentation, Ronen over at BerryReview came across some further details pertaining to BlackBerry App World and a possible future version that will allow such things as storing (not running) applications on our beloved media cards.

This feature permits BlackBerry App World™ storefront users to remove applications from their BlackBerry® devices and reinstall the applications without paying for the application a second time. BlackBerry App World archives a record of the application to save memory and so that the user does not have to maintain the application on the BlackBerry device. BlackBerry App World users can also install or archive applications on expandable memory, such as a media card.

This is exactly what the documentation states. This information is of course coming from RIM directly and it is really great to see. Let's just hope they do not change their minds and pull this idea last minute. This appears to be slated for version 1.1 and many are expecting this to be rolled out on July 31st, when App world hits more global markets. So what do you all think? Good move by RIM?

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