Apple finally drops DRM on iTunes music, OTA 3G music downloads?

via Boy Genius Report by The Boy Genius on 1/5/09

Apple has dropped DRM from iTunes, according to various reports. While we’ve been waiting for this for a pretty long ass time, it’s said that the actual deal was only inked in the last week or so. What does this mean for you if Apple actually announces this tomorrow? Well, for starters, older music would drop to $0.79/song, but this would open the possibility of pricing current “hits” for more than $0.99. Most likely $1.99, if we had to guess. The good news is that any new music would be DRM-free out of the gate, with the older titles slowly being freed from their chains over the course of the next little while. Additionally, those same sneaky sources have reported that Apple has also got past another hurdle: music downloads over 3G. We’ll see if this pans out, but it sure as heck makes sense, and boy, would it make iTunes an even bigger goldmine.

[Via AppleInsider]


by Ben Pike