$355 A Week...

A friend shared a NPR article (via Digg.com) with me this morning and the comments hit the nail on the head!

The fact that someone gets paid to do nothing and we foot he bill mystifies me!

The fact that such a system is in place, period, angers me. $355 a week!?!? That's $8.75/hr for a 40hr work week! Hell, the federal minimum wage is $7.25/hr! I don't work my ass off to subsidize someone elses existence - that's not my job nor the job of the government but for some reason we keep allowing these laws to be passed and these programs to be created.

It's time we as Americans woke up and realize that there's a difference between being charitable and kind hearted towards others and being forced to at the point of a gun. That kind of mentality is what's bleeding this great nation dry.

by Ben Pike