Why Storm & 8900 Camera Autofocus is Such a Big Deal…

via BerryReview.com by Ronen Halevy on 3/12/09

I had a chance to take some shots with a Storm & 8900 and I have to say I am duly impressed. It has nothing to do with the higher megapixels on the Storm & 8900 but rather to do with the autofocus. Its just a jaw dropping difference. The pictures on my Bold take at 2 megapixels and they are just grainy and noisy and I would never use it if I did not absolutely have to. On the other hand the Storm gets awesome image quality. Nothing compared to an SLR or even a regular point and shoot but worlds better than what we had before. I am not saying that RIM did not improve other parts of the camera but that seems to be the biggest change.

PS: RIM also has a nice new guide detailing how to take better pictures with your BlackBerry. Nothing crazy but still a few good tips.

Just see the difference between the Bold pictures and the Storm… (Bold on left Storm on right)

IMG00007-20090217-1642 IMG00013-20090217-1642

IMG00004-20090217-1639 IMG00010-20090217-1639

IMG00003-20090217-1638 IMG00009-20090217-1638

by Ben Pike