'Watchmen' Wins, Studios Settle! [Cinematical]

via Cinematical by Monika Bartyzel on 1/16/09

No one can stop the Watchmen! Not even a determined and wiley Fox.

The days of tension-filled angst and potential March madness are over -- The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Warner Bros. and Fox have settled that pesky Watchmen copyright suit that has been driving us all nuts for the last few months, and are going to present their agreement to Judge Gary Feess to get the case dismissed. After trying to become co-distributor for the Zack Snyder film, Fox has agreed to leave it all in the hands of Warner Bros., and just take a hefty cash payment, plus a chunk of the revenue. They're also calling off the locksmiths, security companies, personal bodyguards, and booby trap makers that would've been needed to protect them from angry fans, had the release date been postponed.

Now, rather than nasty comments about each company, both Fox and Warner Bros. are wrapped up in "good faith" claims and happiness, eager to move on from this whole ordeal and be chummy. However, THR did point out that the company is said to be setting their sights on producer Larry Gordon -- the guy who shopped the project without securing the proper rights -- to recoup their settlement costs.

Whatever happens now, at least we got what we want -- March 6 will still be the day that movie theaters shake under the stampede of Watchmen fans.

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by Ben Pike