Watchmen Producer Attacks Alan Moore Over Comments About Movie [InsulinFunk]

via INSULINFUNK by Blake Garris on 3/7/09

watchmen_smileyIt is no big news that Watchmen creator Alan Moore basically despises every on-screen adaptation of his work. Well, producer Don Murphy, who has worked on Moore’s From Hell and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, has had enough.

“Alan Moore is a hypocrite and a liar.
–He took a million dollars from Fox for League–he did not HAVE to do so
–He claims that he never saw League so why does he get to comment on the merits of it? YOU can say what you want to, but he never saw it
–He has made over $3 million dollars on the increased sales of the Watchmen hardcover due to the film–he isn’t returning that money
–He sold the rights to Watchmen in 1988
–He attacked V for Vendetta back when it came out–after he had sold those rights
He is an old man who smokes too much hash and prays to a lizard god. Don’t buy his bullshit.”

He also probably has a family of birds nesting in his beard hair.


by Ben Pike