Verizon's App Store to Block High-Bandwidth Apps [PinStack]

via - Smartphone News by MStrawder on 7/31/09

Recently Verizon announced the opening of the V-CAST App Store, slated for the end of 2009. During that time, they also promised more shares of revenue to developers, a universal software platform, and a more streamlined submission process for developers. However, a Verizon rep today confirmed that they will be blocking apps that consume high volumes of bandwidth from the app store. Verizon's Brian Higgins recently told VentureBeat, "We know how much data costs us per megabyte. We need to take a look at each of these applications, case by case, to make sure that we’ve got applications which are completely upside-down relative to what we will be charging to consumers.". Does this mean that Verizon could follow suit with Apple/AT&T in blocking apps that use VOIP technology to circumvent the carrier?

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by Ben Pike