Verizon Unlocks BlackBerry Tour GPS To 3rd Party Apps (GMaps, Telenav, etc)

via by the BerryReview Team on 7/13/09

One of the things that really worried me about the BlackBerry Tour was that Verizon has a tendency to screw up GPS on their BlackBerry devices. I think the BlackBerry Tour is the first Verizon device to drop with GPS unlocked and unfettered (not sure about the 8230).

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I know the Storm, 8330, & 8830 have been unlocked for awhile now on Verizon but I can confirm that Google Maps, Telenav, Poynt, and other GPS applications are working on the Tour.

Now if only Verizon would hurry up with the Wi-Fi… They love being a step behind everybody else with everything (BREW/J2ME, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi…)

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by Ben Pike