Verizon To Offer Portable EVDO/Wi-Fi Router

Of course the 5GB/Month cap will make this COMPLETELY useless...

Back when 3G to Wi-Fi routers first started to emerge back in 2005, Verizon liked to grumble about how such devices were against your terms of service, a wireless exec at the time complaining about how EVDO was for a single person, not "an entire neighborhood." It's now 2009, such devices are even more commonplace, and Verizon has apparently found a solution to the problem: start offering a 3G/Wi-Fi router of their own. According to PhoneArena, Verizon is getting ready to launch a device called the "MiFi 2200," which is a re-branded version of the slim and sexy Novatel MiFi. Whether the device comes from Verizon or a third party, you'll still of course bump into Verizon's 5GB monthly bandwidth cap.

by Ben Pike