Verizon to go BOGO for BlackBerry [CrunchGear]

via CrunchGear by Greg Kumparak on 2/5/09


Any chump can have one BlackBerry. But you, you.. you’ve got bigger dreams. You want to rock the pair, to tote the twins. You want two BlackBerry handsets. Beginning tomorrow, Verizon wants to make that happen - so they’re giving you a second BlackBerry for free. Buy one, get one!

Surprisingly, they’re not throwing in a “Wait, wait, except for the Storm” exception here. You’ll need to pick up new contracts for each device, but you’ll be saving between $49.99 and $200 bucks up front. Plus, you get to have two entirely separate conversations at once!

Promotion Details:

  • Runs from February 6th to March 31st
  • Any BlackBerry Verizon offers is eligible for the deal
  • Each handset requires a 2-year voice/data plan

But wait, there’s more! Not really.

[Via BoyGeniusReport]

by Ben Pike