Verizon drops pricing on almost all smartphones to under $99 [BGR]

via Boy Genius Report by Boy Genius on 8/2/09

Well, hear us out. We’ve had a flurry of tips sent in today that Verizon Wireless has dropped the prices of almost all existing smartphones they offer to only $99 with a two-year agreement. This obviously signifies one thing and it’s not Verizon just being nice (though they generally are friendly when we ring them up): new crap is coming. The much-awaited Touch Pro2 looks to be landing on VZ shortly (the Touch Pro dropped from $419 to $99) and while we doubt the BlackBerry Storm 2 is going to launch earlier than November, there’s still only two smartphones we can find above $99. Those are the BlackBerry Tour and Samsung Saga. So, new handsets coming relatively soon and obviously a little reaction to the $99 iPhone pricing, existing smartphones and BlackBerrys on Verizon Wireless just got a whole bunch less expensive.

Thanks, to everyone that hit us up!


by Ben Pike