The Rentals Going In New Direction, Leaving Weezer Behind [Buzzgrinder]

via BUZZGRINDER by Sean Cannon on 4/9/09

There’s a good chance Matt Sharp will always be known as the original bassist for Weezer. But he’s trying to change that with his latest incarnation of The Rentals.

Previous Rentals material had been closely tied to Weezer not only because the band shared two members for a while (Sharp and drummer Pat Wilson), but also because… well… the music sounded the same. But Sharp recently told Spinner that he’s moving forward and forging a new path with his current band that leaves his associations with the Weez’ in the past.

And after listening to Story of a Thousand Seasons Past, the title track of the latest Rentals EP, you can tell one thing: Sharp isn’t kidding. He really wants to distance himself from his days of doing duets with Rivers.

All this talk about the glory days of Weezer made me want to hear a good Weezer song that’s been written since Sharp lef the band. So in addition to the Rentals track, here is No One Needs to Know from Ozma.

The Rentals - Story of a Thousand Seasons Past
Ozma - No One Needs to Know

by Ben Pike