Telenav Brings Turn-By-Turn GPS to Android and the G1 [Gizmodo]

via Gizmodo by John Mahoney on 2/12/09

Chalk up another mark in the things-Android-can-do-on-the-G1-that-certain-other-phones-can't list-GPS maker Telenav is bringing a slick-looking turn-by-turn navigation app to the G1 this month.

The service, which will run $10 a month, looks like it includes all the trappings of a standalone GPS unit: voice-recognition for hands-free control, live traffic updates, a hefty POI database including restaurant reviews and gas prices, and a great-looking 3D interface.

The UI here looks really superb, which is heartening, as it's one of the first Android apps to hit from a major CE development shop. Hopefully they'll bundle a car charger with this though, because the G1's battery would definitely feel the hurt from something like this.

The app will be out on February 24 with a free one-month trial before the monthly charges kick in. [Telenav]

by Ben Pike