TechSifter: Left 4 Dead

via by Marcus on 12/12/08

  • What? A new zombie horror survival game
  • Where? Xbox 360, PC
  • How much? $59.99 for Xbox, $49.99 for PC
  • When? Available now!
  • Why is is cool? Zombies. Four player cooperative play. Playing as zombies to rip apart humans. These three things add up to be one great recipe for sucess. I was kind of skittish about the game when I heard there were only going to be four campaign levels and two multiplayer maps but I have been proven dead wrong. Valve has found a way to get an amazing amount of fun out of this rather short game. It takes all of your favorite zombie apocalypse films and rolls them into a great time with you and your favorite online or offline friends as the stars. The multiplayer aspect is rolled into both the campaign and versus modes. Versus mode shines the brightest though as you get to switch between playing as the survivors of the zombie infestation and playing as members of the zombie horde. Teamwork is the key to surviving this amazing new take on a old genre. Find out more here.

by Ben Pike