Sundance Film Festival Releases Free 2009 Short Films [Buzzgrinder]

via BUZZGRINDER by Blake Garris on 1/16/09

To coincide with their 2009 festival, Sundance is offering the Sundance 10/10. Between Jan. 15 and Jan. 25, you have the opportunity to download 10 short films for free at the Sundance iTunes store. They were picked from over 5,600 submissions and range from comedy to drama to animation — and all three in one.

From esteemed alumni (Don Hertzfeld, with I Am So Proud of You and Pat O’Neill’s Horizontal Boundaries, among others) and the debut of a range of talents (Joseph Gordon Levitt in his directorial debut Sparks, and Vice magazine’s Gavin McInnes as a leading man in Asshole) to provocative and challenging material (Sam Taylor-Wood’s Love You More, MM Serra’s Chop Off), along with some compelling true stories (Jessica Yu’s The Kinda Sutra and Jenni Olsen’s 575 Castro Street, among others), this year’s shorts are a force to be reckoned with. They’re a few minutes shorter that their feature counterparts, but no less engaging, challenging or mind-blowing.

We had the opportunity to view the 10 shorts selected for iTunes and they’re all worth a viewing. Some notables not to be missed are Field Notes from Dimension X-Oasis, Instead of Abracadabra and Hug. For more information on probably the most influential festival around right now, visit Sundance’s website.

by Ben Pike