Radio Shack Expands Trade-in Program [InsulinFunk]

via INSULINFUNK by Wesley Johnson on 4/16/09

rsRadio Shack will officially begin accepting used console trade-ins at 4,400 stores across the United States. The chain will also accept MP3 players, cell phones, software, and digital cameras. The items will be traded for store credit only, no cash.

Visit Radio Shack’s website to get an idea of what you may get from your used consoles. We’re warning you, though, that the prices they mention on the site are quite depressing. An Xbox 360 Premium, for example, will earn you “as much as” $66.75 in store credit. That’s quite a low number compared to their original $300 asking price

Anyone plan on trading something in? Should you do so please comment and let us know how smoothly the transaction went.


by Ben Pike