PhoneWreck disassembles a BlackBerry Curve 8900

via blogs by Kevin Michaluk on 2/23/09

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Review

I can't help but cringe whenever I see a new BlackBerry review pop up from the guys at There's a lot of BlackBerry Curve 8900 reviews on the net now, heck, there's even one, two, three greats ones on this site for you to read, but no review is quite as in-depth as one where the reviewer takes apart the phone bit by bit just to see exactly what it's made of.

The PhoneWreck crew rated the Curve 8900 "9 out of 10" trackballs and came away with this conclusion:

The Javelin doesn't really have too many gripes rather than the flimsy battery cover and the lack of 3G. We didn't include the latter, because we understood RIM's position in marketing this as an update to the Curve - because it is a Curve. And in fact, the improvements to the browser make the lack of 3G much more bearable. The tight, new form factor really has us drooling though. It's a great device to use, and definitely tops our list of favorites for the moment. The Javelin presents a good alternative to the faux-leather backed bigger brother, and we're very satisfied.

Obviously they like the Curve 8900, which isn't a big surprise. I've actually been having a difficult time findinging anybody who doesn't like this device. But the beauty of PhoneWreck's review is in the parts, so jump on over for a closer look.'s feed sponsored by PhoneWreck Wrecks a BlackBerry Curve 8900 and Likes It

by Ben Pike