No Love Between Joss Whedon and DC Comics [InsulinFunk]

via INSULINFUNK by Blake Garris on 2/25/09

dcJoss Whedon recently spoke with Maxim Magazine, and had some choice things to say about DC Comics.

“With that one big exception (Batman), DC’s heroes are from a different era. DC’s characters, like Wonder Woman and Superman and Green Lantern, were all very much removed from humanity. Batman was the only character they had who was so rooted in pain, that had that same gift that the Marvel characters had, which was that gift of humanity that we can relate to.”

He also talks about the Batman movie he would have made.

“It was more about the progression of him and it was more in Gotham City. He didn’t go to Tibet and meet cool people … In my version, there was actually a new [villain], it wasn’t one of the classics — which is probably why they didn’t use it.”

And finally, his side of the story on the Wonder Woman movie.

“I have no idea the status of the movie and, honestly, I never did. I was told they were very anxious to make it. I wrote a script. I rewrote the story. And by the time I’d written the second script, they asked me…not to. They didn’t tell me to leave, but they showed me the door and how pretty it was. Would I like to touch the knob and maybe make it swing?”

by Ben Pike