How to use the Same Gmail Filter for Different Senders [Google Tutor]

via Google Tutor by Christine Buske on 7/9/09

Gmail filters can be used for many different useful things. From sorting emails, to creating a whitelist. One thing you should know, before creating tons of duplicate filters for different senders, is that you can apply the same filter to many different senders.

How to filter different senders at once

Say for example you want to filter your work related email, and attach a label to each work related message you receive. The problem is, you may be receiving work email from an endless number of people. Would you really create a separate, but identical, filter for each sender you receive email from in your Gmail account? Let’s hope not! You certainly do not have to.

Setting up a filter is easy:

  • First, go to your Gmail Settings.
  • Click on “Filters”.
  • Click “Create a new Filter”.
  • Now we’re ready to create a filter:
  • Start with a parenthesis “(”, start with the first email address you want to filter from.
  • Add an “OR” after the first email address, and add the second. Repeat this until you are done.
  • Close with another parenthesis “)”:
  • Set any other parameters that apply to your filter
  • Click on “Next Step”
  • Select “Apply the Label”, and select your label of choice:
  • Or click on “New Label” to create a new label
  • Add a new label name:
  • Click OK.
  • Click on “Create Filter”
  • And you’re done!

Keep in mind that you need to add “OR” between the different email addresses for the filter to be applied whenever you receive a message from ANY of the senders. If you do not add in “OR”, and for instance only separate the email addresses with a comma, then your filter will not work.

What is your favorite way of using filters in Gmail?

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