How To Manually Update Your Verizon Motorola Droid To Android Version 2.1

After delaying the Android 2.1 update rollout for Motorola Droid users, Verizon has finally begun pushing the software to its subscribers. Sadly, it’s a very slow processor and less than 10,000 users received Android 2.1 so far. The good thing is that you shouldn’t wait for Verizon to push the software update as you can manually upgrade to Android 2.1!

How? Simple, all the details are below. First of all you should know that you don’t need to root your Droid and this is the same package that Verizon will send to you, although the file is stored on Google’s servers.

How to manually update your Motorola Droid to Android 2.1:

  1. Download this file and do NOT unzip it;
  2. Rename the file to “” without the ” marks;
  3. Take out the microSD card from your Droid;
  4. Plug the microSD card into a computer using a card reader, and then drag&drop the file on the microSD card. Do not put the file into a folder or something, just put in the main folder (the one that appears when you open the microSD card);
  5. Turn off the smartphone and plug in the microSD card;
  6. Slide out the QWERTY keyboard and press the X key. Keep holding it, then turn the phone ON;
  7. After you see the exclamation point on the display, press the volume “UP” and the camera buttons at the same time. If the bootloader doesn’t show up, then do it again until the bootloader screen shows up;
  8. Using the D-pad, go to “” feature, and choose the “” file that you copied on the microSD card;
  9. After the process is completed, the phone will reboot and that’s it!

Source: SoftSailor

by Ben Pike