How To Effectively Run Your Unlocked Blackberry Storm

via blogs by pltaylor on 12/18/08

BlackBerry 101 for Storm Owners

[ Editor's Note: Member pltaylor has been doing some awesome work in the forums helping out new Storm owners, so we thought we'd let him bring some of that goodness to the blogs. Big thanks pltaylor! Enjoy the lecture!! ]

Seasons Greetings CrackBerry Nation! As many of you now know the Storm 9530 has a North America:1900MHz and 850 MHz GSM/GPRS networks compatible radio and SIM card slot. This gives it the ability to be used solely on any GSM network once unlocked. The problem is North American GSM carriers do not have, or are not able to push the proper Provisioning, Browser and MMS service books to the device.

Basically what we will do is remove the native browser, embed your carrier's generic service books. And replace the browser. So if you've scored an early Christmas present and managed to get it unlocked, let's unleash the Beast! 

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by Ben Pike