Drag The River to record new album this fall [Punknews.org]

via Punknews.org by Bryne@nospam.punknews.org (Bryne) on 7/22/09

Drag the River In a recent interview with AltOhio, Jon Snodgrass mentioned that he and bandmate Chad Price will be recording a new Drag the River album in November and that at least some of it will be recorded in Austin, TX:
"I've been talking to Price, from Drag the River, and we're talking about what to do next November in Austin. I'm thinking about going down a few days early, and just figuring out a little my part in what we'll end up doing. So, we're going to do another Drag the River record. I've got some songs written that definitely have to be for Drag the River, if I put them on a record of mine, people will just say that they sound like they should be on a Drag the River record. We've worked on a couple of ideas together already, which we've done in the past for sure; we definitely come in with almost complete songs and then try to help each other out. This time I think we might write more together. Don't know though."

Drag The River's last proper full-length was 2008's You Can't Live This Way, while a rarities collection entitled Bad at Breaking Up was released earlier this year. Snodgrass has kept busy in the meantime, releasing his first solo record Visitor's Band earlier this year, and a split LP with Cory Branan via Suburban Home Records.

by Ben Pike