Chris McCaddon Takes a Swipe at "Death Metal Bands" [Noisecreep]

Chris hits the nail on the head with this one... Yes, I'm looking at you "deathcore" sub-genre...

via Noisecreep by Seth Werkheiser on 3/30/09

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To be fair, Chris McCaddon, singer of The Famine, has nothing against death metal bands. It's those "death metal bands" he has a problem with.

"A band, who will not be named, they just show up and don't know anything about their gear or about music," McCaddon told Noisecreep in our NYC office. "Calling themselves a metal band and all it is is breakdowns and they can't reference anything. I might be old school, I am in my 30s you know, whatever. I might not be hip to all the stuff. Especially the fact that a lot of these "death metal bands" are nothing but hardcore bands with death metal logos with just break downs and stuff."

by Ben Pike