BlackBerry Tour 9630 to Sport Dual Core Processor? [BerryReview]

via by Ronen Halevy on 6/17/09

Matt sent me some promotional material from TELUS that seems to have gotten on the web and slipped in a little gem. He sent me an extra page that does not seem to have made it around that shows the BlackBerry Tour having a dual core Qualcomm MSM7600 processor (App – 528MHz, Modem – 256MHz). Personally I am not sure if current BlackBerrys have dual core processors but last time I checked they did not. The last device that I know of that had a dual core was the iDen 7250 which had a processor for the modem and another for the OS. It made the device super fast back in the day and I hope it does the same for the Tour. Could be this is just a fluke but I hope not!


So what do you think? Know anything about the Qualcomm MSM7600?

by Ben Pike