BlackBerry Tour 9630 to launch on Verizon the week of July 13th [BGR]


via Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein on 5/7/09

Next in line to get scooped on this fine Thursday afternoon? How about a little BlackBerry Tour 9630 love for all you RIM addicts out there? Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting some pretty consistant feedback from various ninjas putting the highly anticipated BlackBerry Tour 9630 on the streets either Wednesday July 15th or Friday July 17th. We’ve been waiting for some more confirmation before running a post but now, thanks to a few email tips, we see that insider kevin byrne from HoFo has placed the launch date on Monday July 13th. Byrne has a good track record and at the very least, he’s always in the right ball park. Judging by our intel at this point we’re leaning more towards the 17th but it’s now a pretty safe bet that one of these three dates is the winner. Sure it’s not as early as BlackBerry-addicted Verizon customers would have liked, but at least now you can gear up for what will definitely be a hot Summer week in July.

by Ben Pike