BBWeather 0.84a Released

via by Ronen Halevy on 2/25/09

blackberryweather BBWeather has been around for awhile. I remember using it on my 7230 back in the day. Joey over at BBNews found that Tateu released a new build of the free BBWeather application with some key improvements.

  • Hourly forecast! (by far my favorite new feature)
  • Customize the number of hours and days for forecast!
  • Customizable icon can show current temperature and conditions
  • Full screen for current weather and forecast
  • Adjust your font size
  • New shortcuts
  • Better support for new devices.
  • Ability to use BBWeather over WiFi only
  • Easy to lookup your location ID from your zip code

You can pick up the latest version of BBWeather at this link OTA:

(Thanks to Joey for the screenshot)

by Ben Pike