Awesome Infographic Charts the Browser Wars

via Epicenter by Michael Calore on 1/8/09


Here's a creative look at the history of the browser wars from 2002 through mid-2008. The infographic was submitted to Reddit by a user named BovingdonBug. He says he created it as part of an application for a graphic design job on a newspaper. Click the graphic above to view the full-size original.

Each browser's relative user share is represented by the thickness of the flag being carried by its soldier. The data comes from W3Schools, a popular resource site for web developers, which tracks the browsers being used by its own visitors. Web tutorial sites attract web geeks, and web geeks love Firefox, which explains why Internet Explorer and Firefox appear to be closer in share than data from other sources would indicate.

Anyway, the whole medieval theme makes me think we really need an epic LARP version of the browser wars. Who's free this weekend?

by Ben Pike