9530 Storm OS Desktop Installer Now On Verizon’s Website [BerryReview]

via BerryReview.com by Ronen Halevy on 6/2/09

Weather_the_stormJason was kind enough to let me know that Verizon has finally put up OS on their website. Many people already upgraded to this version via desktop manager auto-upgrade, web upgrade, wireless upgrade, or just used the beta version. On the other hand I know that this did not work for everybody and users on a BES usually have to wait until the carrier releases the desktop install files before their company rolls it out to all users.

So let the floodgates open. Your SysAdmins have no reason to continue denying you your OS fix…

You can find the download at these links:

And in case you are not on Verizon and cannot get a hold of the beta:

PS: Sorry about reusing the picture but it just makes me laugh…

by Ben Pike